Zooming with temporary hotkey?

AAhhhh, this program, Iooked at the man-pages and there is a loot about zooming but it seems there is no way to invoke the zoom with a temporary hotkey or is there?

I mean, I press space to move the canvas and when releasing it reverts to the brush if that was the active tool. Or I invoke the grabber tool and I stay in grab mode until choosing something else.

I press Alt Space to rotate and when releasing it reverts to previous tool. Or I invoke the rotate tool and it stays with that tool.

But with zoom, hotkey M selects the zoom tool and this gets the new selected tool and stays like that until choosing something else. What's the logic in that? Or I can zoom dragging on the mouse, or on the trackpad. But not by invoking a temporary key like when moving or rotating.

So while moving, rotating and zooming the canvas are conceptually the same thing and often used in concert while maneuvering around the image, I have to switch the ways of performing one of them. 

Zooming in steps if of course an option, but this will make use of two of the Wacom buttons for hotkeys and is also annoying to use. Also it misses out of the excellent solution of zooming from the point of the cursor. I mean, please tell me there is a way of invoking zoom temporarily with a hotkey without having to regrab the brush or whatever was in use before zooming! Or reaching for the mouse.