Default Shortcut not working- can't figure why

Hi folks!

I'm in Painter 2019, Windows 10 and I've discovered Ctrl+Shf+L isn't drying my digital watercolour as it ought.

I think it's been a bit iffy for a while, but I've noted it's definitely not working today. 

Restarting Painter doesn't bring it back. 

I've tried loading the default keyboard shortcuts, to no avail.

The three keys definitely work in Painter individually, so it's not the keyboard.

"Dry digital watercolour" works from the menu bar, just not in shortcut form.

Does anyone know how to put it back?

Has anyone had a similar prob?




    The latests AMD Radeon Driver grabbed that shortcut to log error reports.

    Went into the Radeon software, changed the shortcut and restarted. Viola!

    It turns out Painter wasn't the only software whose ctrl+Shift+L went missing as a result of the driver, I found the answer on a forum totally unrelated to Painter.
    Thanks, masked stranger!