Painter 2019 crashes when changing from older brushes back to Painter 2019 brushes, and then will not open.

So, I updated to 2019. Worst mistake I've made this year.
Looking for my previously purchased brushes, I opened the Painter 2018 brush library. Painter froze even longer than 2018 used to while switching to the older brushes.
When I tried to switch back to the 2019 brushes, the program simply vanished. No error message, no warning, just suddenly not there.

And then would not open again. At all.
I filed a help request with corel, but have had no reply nearly 2 days later, so I Googled.

I then tried deleting the two Painter 2019 folders from Appdata/Roaming/Corel.
I was then able to restart the program in default settings.

However, changing the brushes again caused  a crash. This is easily replicated and 2019 crashes EVERY time I try to switch back to 2019's brushes and will not reopen until I delete those two folders and reset it back to default.

Every ... single ... time.

To add insult, I have several brush packs purchased from Corel whoch, because of a technical glitch on Corel's side, don't show in my purchases so can't be restored that way. I have to import them as brush categories (previously exported from Painter 2018) and resetting the program means that I lose all of them and have to reimport them.

How can I persuade this duff program to work properly?
I'm using Win 10 home with an admin account.
And how long does it take tech support to reply?