Can't install Painter 2020 trial

Hi, I am having no luck installing the Painter 2020 trial.

I download and run the .exe. The download screen loads, and downloads to 100%, then nothing happens.

I have tried deleting temp files, restarting in safe mode etc, nothing changes it.

Using a new machine with windows 10 fully updated.

  • I bought the upgrade from Painter 2019 and have had the same problem.  Corel Support has no answers so far.

  • I was having problems installing Painter 2020 and even tried Painter Essentials 7 (as my needs are few) and found a solution. I created a new account with admin privileges. Install was smooth after that.

  • The window that results after the initial install and appears blank, I copied (ctrl-A) the content of the (blank) window and pasted it in to Word. It shows you what is in the screen. By hitting the tab key whilst in the blank window I was able to move around the options to progress the install. The first screen for the Painter 2021 version has the disagree/agree options, then the next screen contains the serial number etc etc. Copying the content in a Word document allows you to see what the screen is requesting you to do. Maybe this will work for other versions. Cheers Peter