Painter 2020 does not launch (macOS Mojave)

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Former Member

When trying to run a clean install from download, an error pops up that says "Corel Painter is using a resource not available in this version of macOS". This error never shows up again.

Later, when trying to run, Painter never launches or shows anything. It immediately exits without displaying any UI elements.

My machine (2018 iMac i7 with 4K display) runs Painter 2018 without any issues, and had no problem at all with the 2019 trial.

Here's the crash log:

Sep  9 19:21:44 Corel Painter 2020[2531]: objc[2531]: Class NativeTimerMacPrivate is implemented in both /Applications/Corel Painter 2020/Corel Painter Painter 2020 (0x1057781c8) and /Applications/Corel Painter 2020/Corel Painter (0x10d4d5810). One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

Sep  9 19:21:45 Corel Painter 2020[2531]: Enter CreateAudio

Sep  9 19:21:45 Corel Painter 2020[2531]: CreateAudio: CurrentprocessName Corel Painter 20 PGKernelDeviceTascamUSB2MKII

There is no other related report or error output.