Painter 2020 Restore Purchases Stuck


So as the title says I am having an issue restoring my purchases. I had to reinstall Corel painter, and as such all my purchases brushes weren't on my computer. When I went to Help > Restore Purchases, everything seemed to work fine. My brushes began to download no problem. But with many left to still download things seem to get stuck. Multiple times I have tried restarting the program, force quitting, restarting the computer. No matter what the download gets stuck on the same brush. I've left it for a couple hours and nothing has happened.  I'm on Mac OSx Mojave.

Can anyone help?

Why would the restore purchases get stuck? 

Thanks for any help :) 

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  • Won't help you now but maybe others. I buy direct from Corel store rather than thru Painter program to avoid the issue you have and has been a problem earlier. But using this method or even if you buy via program...either way...

    ALWAYS save anything you download, as a copy, for backup somewhere on your HDD; outside the place the program uses it.

    If can't find to save, use Painter program and export: workspace, libraries (of any type), categories, anything you think you might need to install again later or into a newer version later.

    By chance, you may still have on your HDD, located in a workspace file .pws, which you can open with a .zip program and save and use to import into Painter. Search your HDD for anything .pws and look see. If you find and have questions; ask here for more help.

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