Painter 2020 - Express Paint question

I saw a Skip Allen tutorial about Express Paint with Painter 2017.  He showed that using a flow map with the gradient tool using Heavy Dabs changed the appearance of the dabs, and they were effected by the flow map.  I've tried various versions of this in 2020, but can't seem to get any change in the behavior of the Heavy Dabs (or any other Express Paint type).  Does this still work?  Skip's tutorial:


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  • Hello,

    Prior to doing the tutorial, I removed the brushes that were stored in the software to use with express paint and added different ones.  The technique was shown in my class.  The tutorial was more about the results.  However, if you will read the comments, I do explain how to switch the brushes.  That being said, There is a lot of variability to be had in 2020 express paint without adding different brushes. Try this.  Add a gradient to a layer and click on express paint.  Select Heavy Dabs.  At the bottom of the drop down window for express paint, change the size to 250% and leave the amount alone.  Then check the preview button.  That should give you lots of variation with Express Paint heavy dabs.  

    Altering the brushes can still be done in 2020, but I don't show you how to do it in the tutorial.  I do discuss it in the comments.

    Hope this helps,