Colours all off

I wonder if anyone can help me, I've not drawn anything for a couple of weeks, I loaded a new drawing today n for some reason I have a green problem, my background is green even when I change the colour. All my colours are green, they have green tinged. If I draw a black line In pure black it has a green outline n just generally all my colours have a green tinge. I can't seem to get grey and it's driving me mad as I'm pretty sure this guy doesn't want a green beard!

Any help massively appreciated

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  • HI Faresin,

    Sounds very frustrating! A bit more info, may be needed to help.

    Which version of Painter are you seeing this?

    Is it just in Painter, or other applications?

    Did you happen to specifically change anything about the color profile of the document?

    Perhaps a screenshot of the document and the active color profile would help?

    Perhaps we can start there...

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