still no HD/retina monitor support?

I've been using and loving Corel Painter since v9.5 and now it's been several years that I'm waiting for it to actually use the resolution of my monitor.

After downloading the new 2021 demo and seeing that I still have to zoom out the double amount than on other software to see the image at the same size on my screen, resulting in a blurred image, I'm wondering if I missed some option to turn on or something. 

I love the way Painter use colour and how the brushes work, and I will buy the new version too, but I still need to check my drawings on other software from time to time to get a better idea of the level of detail and this is very annoying.

I found this thread from 6 years ago that points out the same issue and explain the problem better than me: has this been resolved?

Thank you!