custom icon not "sticking"

Over the years of Painter I have made many custom palette and have made/used/applied custom icons to the item dropped into the custom palettes. Sometimes I'd use a .jpg file or sometimes a .png (.png typically what native Painter uses)

However, now in P2021, many of the custom icons will not stay assigned to the custom icons.  They are applied OK when assigned and stay OK thru the painting session. But if I close Painter and open it again later the same icon has changed...sometimes back to the original icon if it had one. Sometimes the custom icon colors simply revert back to some default coloring style instead of the colors used for applying the custom icon.

Same result if I save/export the custom palette; whether I save a workspace or a layout...when correct colors are gone they don't come back...even nif imported from a saved good screen; saved right after the custom palette and icons are working OK.

It is very odd because some old custom palettes retain their custom icons OK while other do not.

I ran 2 test cases of new custom  palette with 1 custom icon and custom .jpg or .png image...and neither would survive a Painter close and open; even after a PC reboot with nothing else running. Importing a good saved palette .pal file does not help.

I call it a bug.
am I alone? or do others have any similar problem?

win 10 1903  GTX1080 GPU card

OK it is annoying not a crash maker, but still it used to work. I also went back to a default set of Painter workspaces thinking I may have a broken workspace...but same problem. I have run a Painter help.

PS I still have problems with shift drag drop some items into a custom palette...unpredictable, sometimes it works, but a crash when it happens....Painter outright closes instantly or goes into a 12% cpu usage and does not respond to any input except Task Manager end task.

call me Frustrated.