Cannot Access New Painter 2021 Brushes

I fail to understand why this problem persists.  I try to research a problem in hopes of finding a solution before I ask for help. What I found is that a LOT of users have this same problem.  

I just purchased Painter 2021 which included several different brush categories.  After unpacking the brushes they were enclosed in a folder.  I was expecting this icon:

How do I install brushes that are in a folder?


  • By accident, I learned how to install the included brushes.  I use a Mac and this is my procedure to install the Fine Art brushes:

    1. Open the Downloads folder, double-click on the brush installer package and jump through all the hoops until done;
    2. Locate the folder that contains the new Fine Art folder : Applications >  Painter 21 > Painter 21 Brushes > Fine Art folder;
    3. With Painter 21 open, select Brushes > Import > Category and go to the Fine Art folder;
    4. Click on this folder and select 'Open'.  Nothing visual will happen, so select Cancel;
    5. Inspect your brush categories.  Your Fine Art brush category will not be found;
    6. Shut down Painter and restart;
    7. Inspect your brush categories again - you should now see the Fine Art brush category.

    Your Mac may have files in different locations than mine, but the process is the same.


  • For what it's worth, Skip Allen's page on brush installation and my post on the Graphic Design Stack Exchange on the two folders where brushes can be found (admittedly, PC-centric).

    And incidentally, I love Skip Allen's brushes... thank you for the reminder to port my custom library from 2019 to 2020.