Printer and Colour Management

 OK Everybody , Buckle-up and start reading for it is a long one.

Jinny though it would be good if I wrote this here so others who might have the same problem can learn a long with me.


I have a Dell Photo A.I.O. printer. When printing off my paintings I find that the Burgundy's are Red and the Pale Blues are Greys.

So I came to the conclusion that I needed a new printer. It wasn't until I got in touch with Tony off this forum that he explained to me that just because a printer has 6 colours it doesn't mean it has 6 cartridges ( you see mine has 2 so I thought it was out-off-date) laugh.

Gleaning more info off the Internet on my printer, I found out that if I change the black ink to a photo cartridge then this will give me the 6 colours I need. ((WOW)) this is good, saves me buying a new printer as I have four standard ink cartridges waiting to be used. ( hopefully)

"OH" and my printer has a print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi

This all might be elementary to most of you but to me I am at last seeing the light!


NOW for the nitty gritty bit  - Painter X  - Colour Management

Where do I start, lets say I have read the Painter X Guide and the Painter X WOW! and still it is as clear as ditch water.

What on earth does Internal RJB HKS RYB / RGB Barco D50 etc mean?

Starting with the centre circle -  I've change it to Generic Internal RGB Profile   (the only reason I've picked this is because on looking across at my colour palette and clicking onto the arrow ( top right) it reads ( tick) Standard Colours and  Display as RGB)

The rest of the drop down list in colour management means nothing to me. 

Then the obvious thing for me to do is high-light the arrow to the computer, on this I've plumped for Internal RGB sRGB (for same reason as above) 

Then I've turn on both arrows at each side of the circle (I'm covering my bases here) and picked out Generic Separation Profile on both.

That gives me three orange arrows

Lastly the Style in the Bottom left  corner  - I haven't  touched this  (it reads Custom Current settings not saved.)

 I can visualize  a few nodding of heads in despair in what I have done, so please make the waters clearer for me  

And another Question .......

I know that RGB means three colours Red/Green/Blue and that CMYK stands for Cyan/Magenta/Yellow /Black, soooooo does this mean that once I have my 6 colour in my printer that I should have picked Generic CMYK printer profile in instead of Generic separation profile ????

"OH" my head is spinning!


P.S. I'm not in a business, I don't send anything over the Internet.    I paint and save to RIFF then when finished it goes to JPEG . Then when I'm ready I go to Coral Snapfire for card making then printing.