( Surface pro 7 + Painter 2020 ) Surface pen does not work...

Both Pressure and Tilt are not available. No Problem in Photoshop, artrage6, rebelle3...

  • I had reached out to Corel tech support previously, and just checked in with the replier last week (I asked about Painter 2018 that I own). Here is their reply: "For 2018, there will be no updates, I'm afraid. Anything regarding the SurfaceBook interface will be worked on in the upcoming versions of the program. As it stands, the issue is still "broken" in 2020 / 2021 as well. From what I can glimpse, the interface is giving us the hardest of times, as each time the OS is updated, something changes. I can assure you the team is working on the issue, and hopefully will have a solution down the road. There isn't anything at the moment however."

    I think we all know that the blame is not on Microsoft, because all other illustration apps work well on Surface! Corel just doesn't want to address the issue, and it's a shame.

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