Corel Painter 2021 crashed and now will not run

Have been using Painter 2021 successfully for the past few months.

This week I decided ro get serious and made my custom collection of brushes that fit my style. Was a happy camper.

This morning it crashed and would not restart. The 2021 lady (with the sunglasses) comes up then boom, back to the desktop.

I check Task manager, and Painter is not running.

I reboot, and the same issue prevails. I cannot get painter to open up to be able to work on an image

Do I have to reinstall Painter 2021 again?


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  • I just tried painter 2022, It does Not work with the Microsoft surface Pro 7. (i7 cpu) Pressure and tilt support do not wort. In RTS mode you get a broken line.

    in wacom  which is only for external tablets you get a solid line with no pressure or tilt variation.

    I spent numerous hours with Corel  painter 2020, 2021 and it was and is still not working in 2022. And it also crashes

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