Painter 2021 brushes barely have any texture..

Running painter 2021 on a ryzen 5 3600 with 16gb ram, and a 8gb rx580 graphics card. Basically, the brushes(especially pencil/chalk brushes)have almost zero texture even with grain set to 100 percent. It's barely there, when on painter 2022, the same brushes looked totally different. Some other chalk brushes also have this weird stamp-like effect instead of what they're supposed to look like according to the brush preview window. I'm using a huion kamvas 16 2021, which I had no problems with in painter 2022. Any way to fix this annoying problem? :(

  • Hmm, really hard to tell from the post and it could be hardware related but in my many years of Painter it's pretty uncommon for paper texture to now show because of a specific processor, Ram or GPU.

    Have you run the brush accelerator? If the answer is yes, I would try disabling the GPU for the selected brush via Menu > Brush Control Panels > Performance and check "Disable GPU for this brush". It would interesting to see if that results in any changes.

    But are other common causes of not seeing texture...some possiblities:

    -pressure information is not coming successfully from the stylus to Painter. Consider trying brush tracking via Menu > Preferences > Brush Tracking to see if a new setting helps. You can also try opening the "Mouse" panel via Window > Brush Control Panels > Mouse. There is a pressure slider there, so you can try changing the pressure slider there and do strokes with your mouse to see if grain is picked up more successfully.

    -the currently selected paper and/or the paper settings (i.e. try a different paper, and in the paper panel or flyout check the brightness/contrast value)

    -a brush setting has been Painter 2021, there are certain brushes where the grain slider 'works in reverse'..that is to say a higher grain setting actually results in LESS grain (not more). An example of this is Blunt Hard Pastel. So again to troubleshoot try the grain slider at both 0 and 100% grain values

    -SOME brushes achieve texture via "Dab Stencil". This is a different setting and can actually be used in conjunction with grain...a story of dual-dab like experience. Again, to troubleshoot go Window > Brush Control Panels > Brush Shape > Dab Stencil and try turning it on and off to see if there is any difference.

    Again I'm just grabbing at straws...if you get a chance to share a screenshot of what you're seeing it might be easier to offer more suggestions to try.