Weird line added to sketch

I'm trying to open a scan of a sketch to paint over in painter, but painter is adding this strange line. 

The line appears as soon as I open the image and behaves strangely: if I rotate the image, the line stays in the same place. It copies itself to each new layer. I can erase it with the eraser tool, but it re-applies itself the second I change tools or layers.

I've tried a fresh scan of the image at different resolution and in jpeg, bmp, and png formats and the line appears every time. Has this happened to anyone else? How do I get rid of this line?!

I'm using painter2021 on a windows10 computer. 

  • Wow, I've never seen anything like that before...a quick about saving the scanned image using a different program then re-save in a Painter-compatible format...the theory is there's something abotu the way the Scanning software is saving the image that is incompatible with Painter, and that maybe saving from a different program could fix it...

  • I dunno but it could be one of the guides. See if they're turned on under the canvas menu