[SOLUTION] Color Wheel, Mixer Pad, Harmonies not Updating when I choose a different color.

EDIT: The problem occurred because I did not update my intel graphics drivers to the 30.XX version. I was still on the 27.XX version. When I went to the intel site to update everything, I assumed that they were all doing it in the background. When the list cleared from the intel site, I assumed that they were all installed and restarted the computer. The truth is I ignored the Intel Graphics pop up and continued to surf the web thinking it was updating in the background. This was NOT the case. I was supposed to accept the agreement and install it from that pop up. That was my mistake. However, Corel Painter Support staff responded quickly and told me "Update your graphics driver". To be honest, I was like "yeah right I already did that" but I sent them my up-to-date info on my system. So I turned on my computer checked Device Manager and yup, I did NOT update it. After the update everything started working. 

I have a laptop with

Intel i5 1135G7, Intel Iris xe graphics, Windows 11

When I choose a color from the wheel, it does not update the triangle or the harmonies. Not only that, mixer pad does not update when I clear it or paint on it.

It is only when I resize the Color Wheel window or the Mixer Pad window that it sends the signal to update the screen. 

It is like the code


UPDATE THE SCREEN (the action)

is ignored or disabled.

I should say I used corel painter on Ryzen windows 11 and it worked fine. I used it on Intel 7th gen Windows 10 and it worked fine. 

I could be wrong and there could be something hindering the action on my side, however there are others who had this same exact problem. The developers need to find it. 

Corel Painter Mixer Pad, Harmonies, Color Wheel not updating. - YouTube