Corel Painter 2023 trial.

I can hardly believe this. Bought Corel Painter 2022 ten months ago but had to get money back as error on internet connection. Nothin g wrong with internet. Even trial version failed to connect. Then today got Trial of Pinter 2023 and -behold-same problem!!! Error on server! That's since my 2019 version which is now getting old! Corel were useless last time and offered me to give them a full transcript of my PC. I refused as I am not going to be treated like a criminal. Eventually after contacting PayPal I swiftly got my money back. MY PC cost over £2k- AMD5950X with 3060ti founders edition. Every other piece of software works fine except Corel's. Grrr! Since then I have bought alterative drawing software which works fine.