Painter 2023 Brush Sensitivity/Size is very jumpy

I am using Painter 2023 and cannot control brush size properly with pressure with some brushes.

When brush expression is set to pressure I only get thin and thick lines and nothing in between as it just jumps between these thickness very abruptly. I have followed the guide in this document to set brush tracking but this does not resolve the issue:

Some brushes are fine but it's very noticable using Pencil 2B for example. The Stroke Preview shows a sudden transition from thin to thick line, not gradual like other brushes.

I am using a Wacom Intuos S, which works fine with Painter Essentials 8 but not with Painter 2023. I have updated to the latest Wacom driver but the problem remain.

Any advice?

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  • Painter does not work with Microsoft windows pressure sensitive laptops. It only supports WinTab pressure sensitive tablets (Wacom). After much back and forth with Corel support, they told me it would not be fixed. The last version that I tried was 2022 and it does not support pressure or tilt. All other programs work fine with pressure and tilt. Try Rebelle by Escape motions it is a lot cheaper and works fine

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