Painter 2021 dropper tool returns white no matter where I sample.

Problem seems to be related to a single piece of work. Other pictures that I’m working on don’t show the problem with the dropper. I’ve tried resetting painter and starting again. I’ve checked all the settings that I could think of and see nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve made sure to set the sampling options to all layers or all visible color. I’ve tried sampling different area sizes. I the problem occurs whether I choose this dropper tool, or use the keyboard shortcut “D“ or the keyboard shortcut alt.

  • Hi Jack!
    This is a bit of a random problem, I've had it come and go SO many times over so many versions of painter.  
    What's happening is Painter has, for some reason, decided that one of the transparent layers above the layer you're sampling is an opaque layer... all the see thru bits are seen (by the dropper) as white.
    This sometimes goes away when you restart painter, sometimes it stays for a while.
    The way around it in the meantime is to tick "sample current layer" rather than "sample all layers" and it'll ignore everything above or below the layer you're working from.
    This is a nuisance for several reasons: the tick box only stays ticked during this session. Painter forgets SO MANY changes made from session to session. 
    It also means you have to be on the layer you're sampling colour from, so you have to chop and change between layers if you're drawing on a different layer. This often ends up with you drawing on the wrong layer.