Text moves noticeably when Riff is saved and reopened

This one's been troubling me for years, I thought it's about time to ask if there's a solution...

I find the text layers have all moved when a Riff is saved and then reopened later.
From memory, selecting all of the text layers and mving them a couple of clicks up and a couple of clicks to the right put them back in the right place, but I'm not 100% on that,
The only way I can find to resolve it is to convert the text to a regular layer, but then It can't be edited if the client changes their mind on the wording. The text stays where it was positioned however.

It's troubled me for years as an illustrator, but the last three years I've worked in comics, where the text positioning becomes even more important.

Is there a  solution for this? I would love to find it out!