Anti-Aliasing For The Brush Engine

Hello Painter team,

I've had the opportunity to work with your program for the past 3 years, and with Photoshop for the past 15 years.

Painting as a professional illustrator, I've seen that your program, Painter, has an advantage over every other painting program: The ability to blend colors subtly through the use of pen pressure. No other program can replicate the same effect.

This means, illustrations can be created VERY quickly, and EASILY through the "Grainy hard cover" brushes. Such as the oil pastels. It would be a flawless painting tool, if it weren't for one, major problem: lack of anti-aliasing in the brush engine.

Painter stands for the idea of creating tools that resemble traditional media. Aliased edges (pixelated, jagged, edges) make the program fall short of this goal.

I'm writing this because I see Painter has unbelievable potential with its ability to blend color. It really matters to me, for anti-aliasing to be added to the program, and I'm sure it matters other professional artists who use this program. Programs like Photoshop have anti-aliasing, but cannot blend color. Painter can blend color, but no anti-aliasing. If both anti-aliasing, and color blending could be put together in Painter's brush engine, it would surpass every other digital painting program.

This is something that matters - quality matters to professionals.. I really wish the development team could see that artists are looking for the best quality in their work. Pixelated edges are terrible quality. Anti-aliasing would correct this. It really is such a simple solution that is missing from the program. It would truly complete an amazing tool for digital artists and illustrators. 

below is an image showing the problem: (link shows the image in high quality - the versions below are blurry.)

Aliasing Problem With "Grainy Hard Cover" Pastels

Below are also some examples of finished illustrations. I'm sharing this in hope that this idea could be considered... it's not a random wish for the program, but a core need for visual professionals. Quality is a need, not a wish, for people who need to meet a high standard for clients with their work! You don't want to give garbage to your clients! You want to give them the best work possible, at the fastest speed possible. This tool offers speed, and vibrant color effects because of the blending properties. What is missing, is high quality - in the brush strokes themselves. All that it's missing, is anti-aliasing.

These images were all made with Corel Painter, for a client. The first 5 represent different stories from the Bible. The last image is a wildlife portrait in progress. An apology for some of the scary scenes.. they were part of the commission requirements.

In this reduced size version, the aliasing problem is not visible, but in the actual size (100% view) the jagged aliasing problem is an absolute eyesore.

Really hope this problem with the "grainy hard cover" brushes can be eliminated. At this stage, every other painting program (except Microsoft Paint) has anti-aliasing. Painter should catch up, and be a leader in quality. Anti-aliasing is part of that high quality that is missing.

Thank you for viewing this problem, and idea for the program.

By the way, I'm very interested in the development of Corel Painter. If the team were ever looking for another digital painter interested in helping with the development of the program, I would be extremely interested in pitching in!

  • Hey Forest Hymm, can you tell us which brushes you are using? I'm curious if (in the meantime) they can be tweaked to get better edge quality. I'm happy to test a couple settings for you and post some ideas...

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