Selecting Layers

In Photoshop, there's a shortcut to select one layer and switch the others off, I haven't found it Corel Painter 2019, so assume there isn't one?

I'm a novice artist and tend to use layers to avoid messing up what I have already painted, consequently I might have 8-10 layers, sometimes more. It would help if I could instantly view layers in isolation as i can with Photoshop, surely that cannot be a difficult shortcut to add?

If it's already there and I've missed it, can you tell what it is?

Also, when I close Painter with the current layer highlighted, it often (always?) reverts to Canvas layer on re-opening and I either inadvertently start painting without seeing brush strokes (layer underneath the stack), or I have to re-establish which layer I was last on. Can Painter default to last layer in use, or can there be an option put into settings to do this please?

Only two small alterations but they'll make the experience better and easier.

Thanks for listening.