Eraser Brush

New Photoshop 2020 (ver21) has a keyboard shortcut (~) that converts current use brush into an eraser brush with same brush settings. This means you can erase recent strokes with the same brush technique and the erased parts match the previous brush strokes....very nifty.

Suggestion: in next version/update of Painter; please add capability to easily convert current selected brush and all its settings into an eraser brush that can be saved as a variant.

Maybe this concept can be done now??? I could not determine how to do so. P20 eraser brushes fall short of matching all the other brushes available (or custom made) to create marks .

If anyone knows how to do so, please post the recipe.

Even if it can be done now, a simple one button tool (and shortcut to it) would be a welcome improvement.

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  • it's present in both clip studio paint and paintstorm packages, but it's not possible in painter yet.

    considering adobe seems to gather their inspiration in clip studio features, and painter team flatters paintstorm by imitating theirs, it might come in sooner or later, unless painter brush engine is beyond repair at this point.

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