add true Suminagashi

Each time I sign up to watch a webinar by Corel for Painter, the entry form asks which kind of brush would I like Corel to make.

Now, I have an input.....

While Painter Suminagashi capabilities are very good, there seems to be a couple missing methods that I suggest be added to the repertoire.

The most basic is to have the same effect of paint drop on water to spread in a circle...and next drop to do similar, etc. to get the basic Suminagashi effect....also adding some controls for spread speed, mixing, surface tension, ink drop surface tension, colors, mixed colors/streaking, etc  Such that subsequent drops or brush dipped partway into water spread is based on ink-water with user controlled variables for water and inks.

Also can add water surface tilt angle, water motion, air motion direction, speed, concentration, velocity as variable controls.

The list is endless, almost....but if you simply search via YouTube for Suminagashi painting you will find a wide variety of effects that Painter could simulate.

And I would expect that the current Suminagashi Painter tools would work with the new features too.