Beyond obnoxious pop-up ads...

I've been a Painter user since v.5. I greatly enjoy Painter 2020 and have been upgrading every year for many years. However, this is all going to change, since Corel has snuck in some extremely disgusting pop-up ads to buy Painter 2021 onto my computer. They pop up at any time, no matter what I am doing on my computer. In the middle of my work, in meetings, anywhere.

With this in-my-face attack, I shall no longer buy Corel products. This is rude and reprehensible.

I asked them to kindly remove their ads, they will not do so. They tell me to do a bunch of programming-type operations to remove it. I say bullpucky! You take the disgusting things off my machine, you put them there!


– Signed, an Unhappy Camper.