A thick-paint feature to allow a photo to be converted in to a thick paint layer without having to recreate it with strokes beforehand.

When I begin a painting using one of my photos in a layer, I think of it as a highly detailed finished but not dry oil painting.  I want to be able to scrape away with a palette knife and add paint strokes to the "wet" photo painting. That is how I can go beyond the limits of naturalistic and photo-realistic paintings. The feature would essentially change the photo into a thick paint layer of many colors which I could change with brushes and palette knives. Maybe this feature exists, but I am just not aware of it.

  • Hi Micheal,

    I_think_it exists (at least in Painter 2021 and newer)....here are the steps.

    1. Open the Photo. If it is a JPG, nor further action is needed.

    2. If it is a PNG, RIF, PSD etc....go Menu > Layers > Drop All

    3. Now you can go Meny > Layers > Lift Canvas to Thick Paint layer

    4. A dialog pops up with a lot of options...I like to set "Thickness source" to "Image Luminance" (which means light/dark areas of the photo will determine how thick the paint will be)...I also like to increase thickness a bit

    5. Select your favorite thick paint knife and go!

    Note that this can also be used with cloning, so if you're interested in those additional steps let me know....

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