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What's New

  • Re: Smoothing/Damping

    If that's not it then I don't see it in there. So I can't just put custom palettes into a different workspace? How silly.
    Posted to Corel Painter X3 (Forum) by PatrickPhillips on 04-17-2014
  • Problem Getting Offset Sampling to Work

    I am trying to use offset sampling in Painter 12.2. My source image is a 256x256 image of Mickey Mouse and the destination document is 11 x 8.5 at 300 dpi (i.e. larger). It works OK for Clone types Normal and Offset but not for the others. To be explicit about what I am doing, here are the steps. 1. Open both documents. 2. Open the Cloning and Clone...
    Posted to Corel Painter 12 (Forum) by Kenneth Evans on 04-16-2014
  • Re: Why are my cloned colours dark?

    Hi Rashad, One thing to check on those brushes that are dark is the "Method" being used. Choose Window>Brush Control Panels>General or Ctrl/Cmd+B Then look under the General panel. You will see 4 combo boxes: "Dab Type, Stroke Type, Method and Subcategory". There are 2 fundamental methods to consider: "Cover" vs....
    Posted to Corel Painter X3 (Forum) by Stephen on 04-16-2014
  • Re: Rotating software and interface?

    It works! As described by Manji312 - Control Panel/Display/Screen Resolution - Set "Orientation" to Portrait - both Painter and Photoshop reorient - however only Painter filled the screen top to bottom like I was hoping. Now sure if there is an extra setting in Photoshop preferences or not. But in Painter X3 it worked beautifully. I am able...
  • Re: semitransparencies in exported images

    I've had this problem with .png files as well and have found a workaround that works for me at least. 1.) The transparency must be created with a layer mask 2.) After creating your layer mask, create a new layer beneath the layer that has partial transparency and color it in with a solid color (you could just create a box and give it a solid fill...
    Posted to Corel Painter X3 (Forum) by Teaky on 04-16-2014

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