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What's New

  • Re: Reference Panel Image Search

    Yeah copy and pasting the image right from the browser is also a good option.Photoshop has such an option.I was doing color correction for a firm here.And I really needed the image just for that document.I usually downloaded the image ...but somehow I found out that Photoshop will paste the image if I copy it from the browser...and I never saved an...
    Posted to Corel Painter X3 (Forum) by okuma_10 on 07-30-2014
  • Re: Reference Panel Image Search

    Cool - glad to know I'm not the only one who would benefit from this. I'm working on a comic right now and I'm always looking up reference images - at least a few times each hour. Google is awesome for finding quick references - I remember when I was really young and had to go to the library and check out books for references! Obviously...
    Posted to Corel Painter X3 (Forum) by Aztronaut on 07-30-2014
  • Re: Reference Panel Image Search

    Aztronaut, that is such a great idea.I think almost no one that uses does digital work uses predominantly just (hard drive) references.I usually spend sometime hour or two looking for references.And it will be of great ease to have something like that.I don't think it would be hard to code...but it might be an issue with the search engines.However...
    Posted to Corel Painter X3 (Forum) by okuma_10 on 07-30-2014
  • Multi touch rotates in the opposite direction of my fingers

    Hi there. I have a problem with the multi touch of Painter. I recently got a 24HdTouch and as I previously tasted blood of the touch navigation with my freinds intuos 5 touch, I was dying to use it onscreen. it worked perfectly for a month or so, in wich I had to finish school -.- ... and as I had time to use it, it magically swapped the direction of...
    Posted to Corel Painter X3 (Forum) by Ordenritterlein on 07-29-2014
  • Re: Reference Panel Image Search

    and/or how about the abilty to paste an image right into the Reference Panel? I can right click an image in Google Search and choose "Copy Image" - would be cool to be able to paste it right into the Reference Panel without having to save it to my computer first, then open it in the Ref Panel. Would be a big time saver also. Another great...
    Posted to Corel Painter X3 (Forum) by Aztronaut on 07-29-2014

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