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Auto Dab World (Painter IX and Above) Part 3

Directional Effect Painter Plug-in Brushes

As mentioned in part 1, apart from the Drip Method variants, there are five brushes in the Plug-in Method Subcategory Plug-in Method brush types whose dab characteristics can be directionally influenced, albeit in a different manner. These are the Comb Brush, Diffuse Motion Brush, Diffuse Pull Brush, Pinch Brush and Liquid Brush. Like the Drip Method variants, icon numbers 5 through 39 in the Auto Dab World custom palette key may be used to control both the number of individual dabs applied to the image, and also the directional orientation of distortion in relation to the directly underlying pixels.

I found it quite difficult to produce useful variants with both the Comb Brush and Relief Brush (demonstrated in part 2), as there was a strong tendency to burn into the underlying pixels producing an unsightly pixelated digital look. Using the variants in Auto Dab mode however gave a much softer effect, although one still has to limit the number of dabs applied.


The screenshot above, demonstrates a custom Comb Brush variant whose dabs have been applied via the Round Trip scripts (shown in image).

A Van Goghian swirling effect is created over the existing imagery (shown within the selection boundary). This swirling effect is produced by the combing under the dabs being randomly orientated along four different axes by the respective script.

The 'thumb print like' imagery shown in the bottom of the image demonstrates the same variant applied manually to the canvas. This unwanted effect would also manifest itself in the image if too many Auto Dabs were applied.

Note that this is not Painter Impasto, or associated with the currently selected paper texture.



The above image demonstrates the directional diffusion properties of the Diffuse Motion and Diffuse Pull custom variants, when used in combination with several of the Auto Dab World scripts.

Image 1. Original photograph from a digital camera.

Image 2. As above with Diffuse Motion custom variant selected plus SE direction script (icon 12 in key) plus 500 Dabs script (icon 20 in key).

Image 3. Same as for image 2, except in this case, the Diffuse Pull custom variant was selected.

Image 4. Diffuse Pull custom variant selected plus Four Winds 400 combination script (icon 28 in key). It is interesting to see in this last example that the combination of both horizontal and vertical axis diffusion (made possible by the combination script), with the chance inclusion of the net curtain backdrop, this is starting to produce a painted canvas effect.

Note that with all the auto dab and combination scripts, individual dab applications are randomly placed in the image, so undoing the operations in image 4 for example, and reapplying the same script will produce a similar effect, but not an identical image (at least the chance of that happening is extremely unlikely).


For both the Diffuse Motion and Diffuse Pull variants, the level of diffusion can be significantly effected by changing the Brush Tool Strength value in the Property Bar.

Here, in both cases, 500 Dabs have been applied to the image in combination with the SW direction script. However, the Brush Strength value was first set to 5 percent for the image far left, and 100 percent for the right hand image. 


Auto Dabs with the Drip Method Variants.

It is of relevance to mention that unlike the case with the Diffuse Motion and Diffuse Pull variants, where the Auto Dab direction scripts (icons 5 through 12 in the Auto Dab World custom palette key) effectively set the axis of diffusion which takes place in both directions along the axis, by comparison, in conjunction with the Drip Method variants, the actual direction of drip is set. This means that there should be no perceivable difference in effect obtained with the Diffuse Motion and Pull variants when diametrically opposing direction scripts are substituted, but there will be a difference with Drip Method variants.

The sheer diversity of imagery possible with the Drip variants in combination with the Dab World scripts is incredible. From the the ethereal tranquility which so inspired Valery Kritchallo, through fantasy crystal landscapes, passing over the modest but versatile sponge effects, rubbing with the Flemish Masters on its way to an impasto wonderland.





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