Painting animal please help

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Hello Everyone,


I am still a newbie to painter and very new to paint animals I have some pets portraits I would like to paint using corel painter, cats, dogs etc. Can someone please tell me the best brushes to use to paint cats and dogs or if anyone knows of a good tutorial it would  be much appreciated.


Many thanks in advance


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  • Here's a link to a artist showing how he uses the oil brushes to make fur . I like the feathering oil brushes and the acrylic dry brushes. Tutorials by tradional media artists can give you some ideas too.

  •  Hi Gisela, 

    I understand your a newbie to Painter and what I'd like to know is do you have drawing experience aside from painter either traditionally or on some other applications?

  • In reply to BlueBunny:

    Thank you Bluebunny for your reply and for the link it is much appreciated. The tutorial looks very good he is very experience I wish one day I will achieve those type of painting.

    One thing I am not sure which specific oil brush that the artist is using I found out he uses oil, airbrushes and blenders,  but would like to know which specific and settings, I shall search about him further or just try with various oil brushes and see how the painting turn out.



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    Hi Digger,


    Thanks for your reply.  I am afraid I do not have much drawing experience I used to draw and did Art at school but that was a very long time ago. I can do smudge painting using Photoshop CS5 but I since found out about Painter and that it give much better results with digital painting you can always mimic the style painting a live artist would do so i've started to use painter but there are lots I need to learn yet.

    I have Painter 11 and Photoshop CS5 for all my digital painting.



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     Well the reason I asked was to first find out what kind of tutorial would suit you. there are many resources on the web for digital painting a few good places are cgsociety, gnomon workshop and Dart(digital art tutorials) these sites many deal in dvd's and well worth the investment

    but one major tutorial that many people ignore is auto painting itself.  the process auto painting uses is pretty much the same process artists use in traditional painting.

    watch how painter blocks and lays in the major or dominant colors first

    then refines itself slightly it's still not detailing but it's laying in secondary  colors which defines more of the hues,saturation and variation of the hues or darks and lights still it is not getting bogged down in detailing

    the final stage is detailing drawing in or tweaking areas. but that's basically how to paint to many start with the detail and become afraid of losing it in the the process of painting that's why so many people use too many layers because they are detail oriented.  use color to shape up the work and the detail will present itself

    it's kind of like writers,  most writer's begin with the last line of the book and that's what detail is to painting the last stage

    so you need a large brush to lay in the basic shapes of color, a medium size brush to place the secondary colors and a detail brush for detaing you can use any medium dry or wet.