Fun with creating new Real Watercolor brushes using Rake!

I was just having fun with the Real Watercolor controls... and realized that we did not include any Real Watercolor variants with Painter 12 that used the "Rake" brush technology.

Rake brushes are interesting because they create a series of little dabs in a row, perpendicular to your stroke. You can control how many dabs are created, their spacing, edge softening etc.

This gives you additional creative control over the look of your stroke.


So I decided to create a couple variants using Rake.  You can download the brushes here: Rake Real Watercolor Brushes.


I will describe how to make use of the Real Watercolor controls in future blog posts, but for now I just wanted to have some Rake variants in my Real Watercolor category :)

The first variant I created is rather dry, and also allows to minimize some of fringe effect (overlap) you get when painting wet media over dry media.

Dry Rake WC brush sample:

The second variant is much more wet, and the pigment flows and bleeds a lot more.

Wet Rake WC brush sample:


Finally, after some of the feedback I received on my previous post on Computed Circular dabs, I included another variant.  This one is not a "Rake", but makes use of the Computed Circular dab.

I find that this brush also minimizes the fringe that is created when painting with wet over dry media.


Soft Replace brush sample:


I hope you will give these brushes a try!

Let me know if you have questions and feedback on these brushes or other topics :)


  • Hey Chris...

    I finally got around to playing with your RWC Rake brushes and with some mods, I found them quite useful.

    I haven't had a chance to try the Soft Replace brush but the Dry Rake WC and Wet Rake WC are quite nice. I used them to paint the sky in the painting I've been working on and they did a great job.

    With Dry Rake and Wet Rake, I found the settings for Pickup were a bit too high for the area I was painting because if you painted over an area you'd already painted on the same layer, too much paint was picked up leaving sort of a hole. I also adjusted a couple of other RWC settings to get a more seamless result--upping Dry Rate for example.

    Here are the settings I used for each brush:

    1. For Dry Rake WC--all other settings=default values:

    Dab Profile=Pointed, Real Wet Buildup Size=10/N, Opacity=80/P, Grain=85/R (Medium Tooth paper texture)

    RWC (read top to bottom from that Brush Control panel/palette, default value in parens): C=50, W=100, V=10, ER=10(25), SR=65(50), W=100, PU=35(100), R=60(50), FR=100, DR=100(25), G=0, W=270, F=0, checkmark AD and DD, Ani=3

    Rake: CA=178, BS=199, TA=75(0), B=8, checkmark SB

    2. For Wet Rake WC--all other settings=default values:

    Dab Profile=Medium, Real Wet Buildup, Size=12/N, Opacity=80/P, Grain=90/R (Medium Tooth)

    RWC: W=100, C=60, V=0, ER=10, SR=76, W=70, PU=0(76), R=60, FR=0, DR=100(37), G=52, checkmark AD and DD, Ani=6

    Rake: CA=178, BS=199, TA=85(0), B=8, checkmark SB...

    Let me know if you'd like me to send you the brushes and/or the image I painted using the brushes.

    Looking forward to your next post...


  • Hi Terrie,

    yes I would be curious to see how the image looks like :)

    You can send it to my email: