Quick Tip: Resizing Palettes

Let's say you're working on a canvas with a lot of layers. In the default view, you're probably going to get scroll bars in the layers panel.

If you go ahead and resize the palette to make everything fit, you'll find that the Navigator at the top is resizing too.

This is probably not what you want. To work around this, double-click on the Navigator and Color tabs. This will "roll up" the top two tabs:

Now, you can resize the palette and only the Layers panel will be affected.

Finally, you can double-click on the Navigator and Color to put everything back.

Much better!

  • Thanks Dan!  That's a great tip... I was trying to do the same thing by pulling panels out of the palette, but your method is much faster... thanks again!

  • thanks Dan..like the blog..any idea on why my custom brush palette always opens with the top row only?.i then have to drag it back open. when i double click to roll it up, it opens again with 1 row..

  • That's strange. I never noticed that before. Not sure what's going on there... I'll look in to it to see if there's a workaround.

  • Ok. Here you go: Resize your custom palette to your preferred size. Let it open and restart Painter. It should retain its size now, even if you roll it up or hide/show it.

  • Thanks for the tip.  I was trying to do this very thing the other day and getting frustrated.  I just removed the layers panel and resized It.  I much prefer your tip.