How to change the default brush to be some other brush in Essentials 5, making the new one the default?

Hi, Everyone!

How can I change the default brush to be some other brush? And perhaps change the default paper size & dpi properties to something else?

The last time I tinkered with any Painter version must've been 20 yrs ago...

Am grateful for any attempt at helping an old fart out...



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  • There is no default brush- Painter usually opens with the last one used (sometimes), should have a history of recently used brushes to select from.
    Paper size and dpi- if you already have an image open, choose Resize from the Canvas menu, put in your dimensions and Resolution which will be ppi (dpi is for printing).
    For a new blank canvas, under File, select New and then enter in your desired dimensions and resolution.

    Note, the Resolution setting is ppi and primarily will effect the amount of detail in your image that is possible- most people use 150-300 ppi for a decent image quality.
  • In reply to Ron Y:


    Sorry about the delay, have been ill and whatnot.

    Some oil brush always appears a the default, when I begin a new drawing or even open one saved earlier - and saved when _my_ brush choice was active. Still: that damned "non-existing default brush" *is* waiting for me there - instead of the last used brush.

    What to do...?

  • In reply to Amicus curiae:

    I usually have my last used brush appear when I start Painter but I think the "default" - the brush that appears when you open Painter for the first time or reset Painter - used to be the first brush in the first (alphabetically) brush category which was Acrylics>Bristle Brush.

    The equivalent today is Acrylics Gel Wash 2 in Acrylics and Gouache. Perhaps if you place your preferred default brush in the top category at the top of the list it would default to that. But that said, I don't know why you are not getting your last used brush instead.