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Edgar Allan Pug
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From "Literary Pets", a 20 card set of famous authors, re-imagined as dogs and cats. The reverse of each lists some of the author's works with dog and cat flavored book title puns.

To see more visit:

Literary Pets


Navin SIddhi said:

Amazing. The use of scratch board tool is very creative.

Navin siddhi Bajracharya

11:44 PM on November 3, 2009

chetart said:

Thank you Navin. I appreciate your kind words about my work.

8:44 AM on November 6, 2009

ewixx said:

This is great work. Both funny and so well done.

3:37 PM on May 1, 2010

chetart said:

Thank you ewixx!

8:07 AM on May 6, 2010

needa_flats said:

absolutely love it

10:46 AM on May 23, 2011

carlacryptic said:


3:51 AM on January 8, 2013
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