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  • Painter X - Mouse pointer randomly goes left

    Hello everyone, im an avid Painter user and i recently bought myself a new tablet. I was very enthusiastic about trying out my new gear in Painter X but whenever i start to draw, mouse pointer randomly draws a horizontal line in left, it happens in every brush/pen, does anyone encountered a problem like...
  • Re: Layer Lock

    Thanks Jinny. I've resolved the matter. What I had done was to import a file which, by the very nature of it didn't have any Corel effect impasto. My clean brush was set to work with impasto setting: colour and depth. Since there was no depth in the file the brush didn't work. I changed the...
    Posted to Corel Painter X (Forum) by Anonymous on 05-09-2009
  • Re: Layer Lock

    Thanks Jinny. I carried out your suggestions carefully but, unfortunately, they didn't work. I suspect that the problem is not with the brush but with the layer which remains locked in some way.
    Posted to Corel Painter X (Forum) by Anonymous on 05-09-2009
  • Wacom Airbrush smooth spray.

    I have a Wacom Airbrush, just got it with my new Intuous3 tablet. I'm using painter 10 and I can't find a way to have an angled airbrush, that has a smooth spray, that uses the wheel on the airbush. I only seem to be able to get a "dotty" spray, or streaky spray (hair like), or... urm...
    Posted to Corel Painter X (Forum) by Dusty Ghost on 03-15-2009
  • abr files for Painter?

    <!-- @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } --> Hello! I really hope that this question is not too stupid, because I looked everywhere and I just can't figure out why it doesn't work. I use Painter X, Windows Vista and I have been trying to somehow use brushes with the extension...
    Posted to Corel Painter X (Forum) by Shiko on 03-04-2009
  • How can you delete a Brush Category?

    How can you get rid of a brush category (not a variant), I did the Capture Brush Category option and now would like to get rid of it, but can't figure out how. Help Please?. Thanks.
    Posted to Corel Painter X (Forum) by ysik784 on 11-04-2008
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