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  • Re: How to Paint a Child's Portrait

    The Kindle article just received this great review! "How to Paint an Oil-Style Painting of a Child in Corel Painter is a very good tutorial on how to create an oil painting using Corel Painter. It is complete, easy to follow, and steps you through everything that you need to know. At the price,...
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by Karen Sperling on 01-04-2012
  • How to Paint a Child's Portrait

    I published a Kindle article for painting a child in an oil style from a photo in Corel Painter 12. By the way, you don't need a Kindle to read Kindle publications. Amazon provides free Kindle apps for every device, including desktop computers. Click here for the Painter Kindle article. Meanwhile...
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by Karen Sperling on 01-03-2012
  • Today is the 20th Anniversary of Painter's Debut!

    Hey everyone, Painter debuted 20 years ago today at Boston Macworld, August 6-9, 1991! I was there demo'ing Painter, having just written the first Painter manual. I'm posting this in the section about Inspiration because Painter has been my inspiration for 20 years! I studied art and my mother...
    Posted to Inspiration (Forum) by Karen Sperling on 08-08-2011
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